Some cool facts

Shannon still holds her high school’s track and field record for the 100m high hurdles. She set this record in 2002.

In high school, she lettered in soccer, basketball, and track & field. She competed at the state championships in each of these.

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Shannon grew up as the middle-child between two brothers. They are all fairly close in age, each 15-16 months apart. When placed in school, both of her brothers skipped a grade. This meant that she and her younger brother shared the same grade and all of her classes from 5th grade on at the small private schools that they attended. She and her brothers have always been pretty close with each other and their parents.

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Growing Up

Shannon was born and raised in Medford, OR. Here her parents have owned a commercial janitorial business since the early 1980’s. Because of her parents night-time schedule, she and her brothers were home-schooled until she was in 4th grade. At this time, her mother shifted her career to teaching for a few years.

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Gardening, listening to music, and walking are a few of her hobbies that she is usually involved in daily.  

She also enjoys writing, drawing, designing, coloring, lampwork, and pyrography.  

She and her husband collect Star Wars Legos and have some displayed throughout their house.  

Shannon enjoys the outdoors, athletics, playing card and board games, and spending time with friends and family.

Nursing Journey

Shannon’s first taste of healthcare came when she was 17 years-old and took a health occupations class through a local hospital. Here she was able to shadow nurses and other health care professionals. This class confirmed her desire to become a nurse. At this stage in her life, she wanted to be an Army nurse or work for the Red Cross as a disaster relief nurse. This desire later morphed into wanting to go on medical missions to alleviate pain and illness throughout the world. She began her journey by taking nursing pre-requisites at OIT.

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