Shannon grew up as the middle-child between two brothers. They are all fairly close in age, each 15-16 months apart. When placed in school, both of her brothers skipped a grade. This meant that she and her younger brother shared the same grade and all of her classes from 5th grade on at the small private schools that they attended. She and her brothers have always been pretty close with each other and their parents.

A large extended family spread out over several states has always kept close ties. Shannon grew up with exposure to many different people, professions, and personalities within her family. She has been fortunate that they have been there and available to lend a hand.

As a freshman in college, Shannon met her future husband at Oregon Institute of Technology. They met playing ultimate Frisbee and married years later in 2007. Their relationship has survived distance, miscarriages, nursing school, unemployment, shift work, and toddlers to name a few challenges. They currently have two young children.