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My Brother

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My Brother

by Shannon Carpani

In memory of my brother, Nolan Roberts, 12-22-83 to 05-30-19 who lost his nine-year battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

When I think of my brother,

I think leader and guide.

One welcoming of whomever

to walk alongside.

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Why We Need Rest

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Why We Need Rest

By Shannon Carpani RN.


The day after a stretch of shifts,

I step out of my bed…

There isn’t much that doesn’t hurt;

My feet, my back, my head….

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Emotional Awareness

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Emotionally Aware

By Shannon Carpani RN


I walked into work

To find a nurse crying in the hall.

She was stretched too thin

And her patient had a fall.

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Working Holidays

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Working the Holiday

By Shannon Carpani, BSN RN


There was a time

When working a holiday

Was something to dread

And hardly worth the extra pay.

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The Awkward Friendship Zone

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The Awkward Friendship Zone

By Shannon Carpani BSN, RN


There you are

The person whom

I care so deeply for.


I wish that I could

Gather the courage

To walk up to your door.

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My Hard to Tell Story

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My Hard to Tell Story

By Shannon Carpani BSN, RN


I’ve tried to tell a story

I have tried to pen a thought

About things that are hard to say,

But in my head are caught.


The reason that I went to nursing school,

The year that I got in,

Wasn’t because it was long planned out;

I had decided to never apply again.


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Someone's Mama

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Someone’s Mama

By Shannon Carpani RN


I understand that it’s busy

I understand that things become missed

But have we come to a place

Where things never make the list?


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The Fears Deep Within

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The Fears Deep Within

By Shannon Carpani


I look and Ponder deep within me.

Who am I, what motivates me?

Am I as secure and as strong as I think,

Or am I feeble as a ship beginning to sink?


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Nursing School

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Nursing School

By Shannon Carpani

I set out on a journey that was my life’s dream.

I didn’t know how to handle it and thought I would scream.

I found good friends that helped me find my footings,

Yet was forced to leave them behind in Brookings.

I was thrown into a mess of drama and strife

Trying to overcome my fears and remain a good wife.