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A Hard Lesson

A Hard Lesson 

By Shannon Carpani BSN, RN  

              Over the years, there have been a few patients that have stayed with me.  One in particular that sticks out to me, and a name that I will never forget, was a woman in her mid-40’s.  She was a direct admit from her physician, meaning that she did not go through the Emergency Department for basic screening and IV placement.  She had arrived on the previous shift two hours before I came into work.  She was a very beautiful, charismatic, popular person who liked to party a little too much.  She had been a heavy drinker since high school and it had caught up with her....


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DNR Duck

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The Fears Deep Within

The Fears Deep Within

By Shannon Carpani


I look and Ponder deep within me.

Who am I, what motivates me?

Am I as secure and as strong as I think,

Or am I feeble as a ship beginning to sink?


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