Ideal Clients

Confident Nurse Coaching, despite the name, is designed for anyone that provides health services or interacts with patients in whatever part of their journey. Whether an RN, LPN, CNA, firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, Radiologist, PT, RT, Care Manager, Monitor Tech, physician, or any other profession not listed, you are welcome to seek coaching services and/or contribute to this site.

Why People That Take Care of, Educate, and Protect Others Professionally?

Professional's that take care of, educate, and protect others hold onto experiences, meet people that they can’t forget, and carry great burdens upon themselves. Because of this, many excellent professionals become stressed, burnt-out, and dissatisfied in their careers. Many turn to bad habits for coping.

  • They work odd hours. This often causes isolation, struggles, and/or sacrifices to maintain relationships and a social life.
  • They work long, demanding shifts that sometimes require you to give more than you have to give.
  • They often feel powerless, and nothing could be further from the truth.

I believe that by taking care of those who take care of everyone else, we can create a better experience for both professionals and those that cross their paths. For example, an empowered nurse who lives a happy, balanced life and is living their dream will pass that positive energy on to their patients and colleagues. This can change the work environment and create better outcomes for patients.


Initial meeting               Free

One-hour session         $250

3 one-hour sessions     $700

12 one-hour sessions   $2,750

6 months (26 sessions) $5,500

Now through September 2020, I will be offerring $25 sessions due to Covid 19 stresses.


New Graduate Discount

Those that can confirm that they graduated from a certificate or licensure program within the last year will receive a 50% discount for up to one year of continuous coaching sessions.

This discount is given to help those starting out. Many times new graduates are questioning their abilities, choice in profession, or where to go next. This is a crucial time for them and I want to make coaching services available and more affordable.


All coaching sessions will remain confidential.  As your coach, I will not acknowledge coaching recipients unless brought up or given specific permission by the client.