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Shannon's first taste of healthcare came when she was 17 years old, and took a health occupations class through a local hospital.
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My Brother

by Shannon Carpani

In memory of my brother, Nolan Roberts, 12-22-83 to 05-30-19 who lost his nine-year battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma.


When I think of my brother,

I think leader and guide.

One welcoming of whomever

to walk alongside.


Walking alongside to show you how,

Rarely, a "Let me follow you."

He set the standards and set them high

And effortlessly, it seemed, followed them through.


It was never without effort of course,

Because he was committed and devoted too.

Doing those extra little things 

That few people would think to do.


He managed his time and did it well.

He went to bed early. He practiced at home.

He took the time to learn and be creative

when he studied, wrote, or played alone.


He took many things seriously

Like his faith, music, family, and school, 

But he had a fun and silly side 

That was lighthearted, creative, and cool.


Whatever he did, he did it well;

His actions were planned with intent.

You could trust him to do just what he said

Without complaint or argument.


He was gracious and courteous.

For him to grumble would be rare.

With his mind set on things above,

A positive and hopeful attitude was there.


Even when his body was hurting and weak

And every inch of him said take it slow, 

Through his suffereing, he found it important 

To let love shine through and show.


He loved to serve however he could,

And would give of himself with flair.

Whether by his words, song, garden, 

Silliness, actions, or prayer.


He sought to preserve purity;

He sought to deliver hope.

He wanted you to hold God's hand

As you walk life's tightrope.


He was in an unrelenting storm, 

Yet he never fell down.

He was tossed all over the place,

And faced it without a frown.


He reached the other side of that storm

And the next one and the next one too,

Until there in the midst dwelled his heavenly body

Perfect, shiny, and new.


Now both day and night

He strums and sings his parts

Forever in our memories,

In heaven, and with our hearts.


He left a lasting impression

"My life was changed," many have said,

"He was a great example

Because of the man he was and the life he led."


He has impacted many

Of various cultures and ages

As he confidently navigated 

Life's many stages.


And then there's that part

That will always crack a smile,

Because who else could do Nolan

With that Nolany Nolan style?




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